Girl with life-threatening illness gets wish of shopping spree

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LOWER ALLEN TWP., Pa. -- A girl from Blair County with a life-threatening illness received her wish Thursday from a children's charity.

Eleven-year-old Mallory Deters was granted a shopping spree by the Kids Wish Network at the Capital City Mall. When she was 8 she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, but this day wasn't about her illness.

Kara Deters, her mother, said, "It was wonderful for her to have a chance to forget about her disease, to forget about type 1 for a day, and just to let loose and have fun."

The Kids Wish Network granted her wish after she applied online.

Mallory said, "I was super excited and I just couldn't believe that I was going on a shopping spree."

She was the VIP for the day: She arrived in a pink limo from a luxury hotel and was greeted by the Easter bunny.

She made her way to her favorite stores, including Justice and Build-A-Bear.

"I'm going to be buying all the awesome stuff I've been waiting for to buy on this trip because I'm so excited," Mallory said.

But Mallory has a tough journey ahead of her.

Kara said, "She needs insulin shots every time that she eats to be able to have a normal childhood."

And Mallory's mother said it can be a bumpy ride for the parents.

She said, "It's a roller coaster. You want to make sure that she's OK. The blood sugars could go high or drop at any point in time, so you really have to monitor to make sure that she has the best life possible."

Mallory and her mother are grateful and excited to be given this experience. It's a break from what she has to deal with daily.

Kara said, "Her and other children with lifelong illnesses they're strong and they're brave and they battle these things every day."

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