Primary voter registration ends today

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YORK, Pa.-- The Pennsylvania Department of State said it takes about nine minutes to register to vote in Pennsylvania.

"It doesn't matter which party, just vote,"" Nancy Green of York said.

Online registration will continue until the end of Monday. In the last five weeks about 200,000 people have registered to vote online. This surpassed the paper registration.

"It's easy. You don't have to travel to the voter registration office anymore," Manchester resident Linda Harrell said.

To apply in Pennsylvania you need you PA driver's license number. If you don't have one, you will need the last four digits of your Social Security Card.

"When you vote it does tell or show that your community is important because you vote on issues that are important," Director of York Elections and Voter Registration Nikki Suchanic said.

She said if you missed this registration you can register to vote in the general election. The deadline in Pennsylvania is October 11th.

"I think it's everyone's responsibility, not just for this year," she said.

If you are new to Pennsylvania, you need to be a resident 30 days before the registration deadline according to a Department of State spokesperson. Paper applications need to be postmarked with Monday's date to be approved. To register online visit

"It's your duty as an American, and you should do it no matter what," Harrell said.

Officials say you should receive you voter card within 14 days after you register. If you don't you are asked to call your local elections office.


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