Man who threaten referee at son’s ice hockey game, penalized three days in county prison

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DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. – The father of a youth hockey player, who threatened to kill a  referee after a game last year, faces three days in the county prison penalty box.

Henry Flynn, of Holland, Bucks County was found guilty on Monday by Dauphin County Senior Judge Lawrence F. Clark, Jr. of Disorderly Conduct and handed Flynn a three day prison sentence.

On December 6, 2015.  Flynn was watching his son play against the Hershey Junior Bears at Twin Ponds in Susquehanna Township when he became visibly upset at the referees. Onlookers could hear him yelling at the referees throughout the entire game and noted that he even moved his seat from the top of the bleachers to the bottom so that he could be closer to the ice. He became so loud that the sound technician actually attempted to drown out his yelling by turning up the music played during intermissions. After the game ended and all of the players exited the ice, Flynn attempted to confront the referee by waiting at the entrance to the ice rink.

Shortly thereafter Flynn threatened to kill the referee in the parking lot.  Although, the referee did not hear the threat personally it was relayed to him by witnesses. Alarmed by the threat, the referee then called the police, an investigation was conducted, and criminal charges were subsequently filed.

Deputy District Attorney Anthony Corby, who prosecuted the case noted that Flynn’s actions became criminal when he threatened the referee. During sentencing, Judge Clark remarked that this was all over a game and stressed that Flynn should set a better example for his children.  Flynn has thirty days to appeal his conviction prior to serving his sentence.  Corby stated:  “Youth sports programs rely on referees and umpires to succeed.  It is unacceptable for this type of behavior to occur.  We take these threats very seriously and individuals will be prosecuted accordingly.”

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