85-year-old woman rescued from sinking car after driving into ocean

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GROTON, CT- An amazing water rescue is caught on camera after an elderly woman drove into the ocean.

Marie Fitzgerald, 85, of Groton, appeared to be parking her car, when she suddenly sped up and crashed through a walkway railing into the ocean.

Her blue Honda Civic stayed upright, and a good Samaritan rushed to smash her front windshield to save her.

Rescue workers were called, and together police officers, firefighters, and a good Samaritan worked together to pull her from the sinking car.


Fitzgerald had only her chin, mouth and nose above the waterline when Lt. Erick Jenkins of the Groton City Police Department broke the passenger window.

"I was able just to grab her by her shoulders and pulled her out the door and right over to the shore," Jenkins told FOX61.

He said Fitzgerald never lost consciousness and was alert, "She was, I think, still in a state of shock, but she did well."

The full rescue:

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