Pro-choice advocates speak out against GOP presidential candidates

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HARRISBURG, Pa. - Some of Pennsylvania's pro-choice activists are slamming Republican presidential candidates- calling them "extreme anti-abortion politicians."

Democratic activists and women's health advocates with Planned Parenthood came together in Harrisburg to speak out in the wake of Donald Trump's controversial comments on abortion.

On Wednesday, Trump said that if abortion should become legal, women should be punished. He later took the remarks back after receiving backlash.

Abortion supporters believe his comments represent the views of other GOP presidential hopefuls-- John Kasich and Ted Cruz. Advocates say the anti-abortion laws they support dismiss women's health and safety. They also say the laws could take away women's birth control coverage and restrict access to their healthcare.

"Time after time, Republican, anti-choice presidential candidates [have been] disrespecting women and trivializing women's healthcare," National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League member and former state representative, Karen Ritter said. "Whether its Donald Trump's commitment to misogyny, or John Kasich's comment that women came out of their kitchens in the political process, these politicians undermine women at every turn."

Planned Parenthood activists say 300 restrictive abortion laws have been introduced across the country since 2011. So far, 57 have been enacted.

On Friday, an act amending Pennsylvania's Abortion Control act was introduced. The amendment includes banning the abortion of a fetus after 24 weeks. The bill has a list of sponsors including House Speaker Mike Turzai, House Judiciary Chairman, Ron Marsico, and  Representative David Hickernell (R- Dauphin and Lancaster Counties).