Stocking up creeks with “trophy” fish

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ADAMS COUNTY, Pa.-- Trout season starts on Saturday in Pennsylvania.

Friday the Mummasburg Sportman's Club put trophy fish into Adams County creeks. This is the 20th year they are stocking up the creeks.

"Instead of them going home with a stringer of 8 inch fish, they get two or three of these they have something to be proud of," Mummasburg Sportsman's Club President Wally Kane said.

The fish they put in the streams is upwards of 20 inches long.

"These trophy trout are a big deal in this area," Hanover resident Logan Etzler said. "People come out and fish for them and catch them."

The trout are brought up from North Carolina and West Virginia to save on cost. The club raises money throughout the year to pay for this. For this year, they raised about $17K.

"We don't dump them in holes. That way everybody has a chance to catch them," Kane said.

The fish are put into a floating box so the fish can be placed throughout the creeks, so they're not all in one spot.

"Getting them in the water is when we have fun," Kane said. "The most fun is watching the children."

Catching the big one, is not just fun for the kids, adults expressed their excitement as well.

"You got some six, seven, eight pound fish, so definitely thrilled to come back and catch them," Etzler said.

The fish are dumped into public streams where anyone can fish.