Winds diminish Sunday evening

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WINDY WEATHER: Winds blow at 20-30 mph until Sunday evening.  Until then, we’ll have wind gusts over 40mph, even 55mph at some of our higher elevations.  There are more breezes, at 10-15 mph, on Monday and more windy weather Wednesday through Friday. 6

COOLER WEATHER: Expect a temperature tug of war for the week ahead.  On your Sunday, highs dip below average to the mid 40s.  Factor in the wind, and we’ve got wind chills in the upper 30s.  At least we’ll have partly sunny skies to warm us up.  On Monday, we have more seasonal highs in the mid 50s.  Then, thanks to a cold front, we get highs in the mid 40s on Tuesday.  Though, we will have lots of sun on Tuesday.  Then, back up to the mid 50s on Wednesday and upper 50s on Thursday.  Next, our highs drop to the mid 40s on Friday and next Saturday.

7-Day Forecast - PM CSV

WET WEATHER: We’ll have a few showers Sunday night, and they’ll linger through midday Monday.  Showers return on Thursday.  By the way, the March rainfall amount ran two inches below average.  So, the more rain we can get , the better.  Unless you don’t want to mow your lawn.  ; )  We already had mowers out where I live.

DREW_Surface Map_AM

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson

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