More windy weather this week

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Look for 10-20 mph wind speeds on Monday

BREEZY WEATHER: We get a brief break from the wind tonight.  On Monday, the breezes return.  Expect them blowing between 10-20 mph for most of the day.  We’ll stay breezy Monday night, and the winds diminish Tuesday afternoon.  Then, like tonight, we get a brief break.  Breezy weather returns on Wednesday and it stays through Friday.  Why so breezy these days?  Blame a temperature tug of war.  Cold air is heavier than warm air.  So, the wind evens out this temperature difference–really, the wind evens out the pressure difference.

3-Day Forecast

Highs swing back and forth this week.

TEMPERATURE TUG OF WAR: After closing out the weekend with highs in the mid 40s, we spike up to more seasonal highs in the upper 50s on Monday.  To get those highs, we get the warmer air to come up from the south.  So, we’ll have warm breezes.  We’ll also have some showers on Monday.  The showers end with a cold front, so back to the upper 40s we go on Tuesday.  Enjoy the sunny skies on Tuesday.

7-Day Forecast

For scale, we have average highs in the upper 50s.

MILD MIDWEEK: Then, with more air coming up from the south, we get the mid to upper 50s on Wednesday and Thursday.  Showers arrive Wednesday, and they stay for Thursday.  With luck, we’ll grab 0.25-0.50″ inches of rain.  The showers end with a cold front, so back to the mid 40s we go for Friday and Saturday.  The clouds stay on Friday, but we get sunny skies back for the weekend.  We close out the weekend with highs in the mid 50s.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson