Tracking snow and wet weather today

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SOME SNOW: The snow didn’t stick everywhere, today.  Communities in northern Lancaster County, Dauphin County, and Lebanon County have seen the most snow stick–a few inches in places!  Other spots like Lewistown, Chambersburg, Gettysburg, and a lot of southern York County hardly have any white on the ground.  Temperatures near the ground have played a big role in this.  We had slightly colder air in northern Lancaster, Lebanon, and Dauphin counties, whereas south of Harrisburg and Carisle, you got upper 30s as the snow fell.  So snowflakes melted when they hit the ground.

EVENING FLURRIES:  We had a touch of sun break out this afternoon above spots in Adams, Franklin, Cumberland, and York counties.  In eastern Lancaster County, the piece of energy bringing the snow and wet snow has been slow to leave.  Despite some dry air in parts of Central PA, we’ll still have some flurries and brief snow showers pop up this evening in a few spots as the energy responsible for this morning’s snow completely swings away.

COLDER WEATHER: Tonight, the skies clear, and we get cold!  We drop down to the 20s.  On Sunday, with sunny skies to start the day, we rebound to the mid 40s.  For scale, we have an average high of 60 these days.  In the afternoon, clouds will quickly increase and fill the sky.  Our winds will start coming from the south, and try bringing up warmer air.  Between the southerly airflow and clouds, look for lows in the mid to upper 30s Sunday night.  Showers arrive after 2 A.M. Monday morning.

After a wet start to the workweek, we finish the week sunny.

After a wet start to the workweek, we finish the week sunny.

WARMER WEATHER RETURNS: Despite the clouds and showers, 50s make a comeback on Monday.  Thank the breezy weather.  The breezes come up from the south, and they pull up the South’s milder weather.  The showers end on Tuesday, and highs in the 50s stay for another day.

DRY FINISH: After Tuesday, we’ve got smooth sailing.  Enjoys sunny skies Wednesday through at least the end of next week.  Highs slowly climb back to average from more 50s on Wednesday, we close out the week in the low 60s.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson

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