Candidates for 31st Senate seat participate in a debate

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa. - Four men are vying for the senate seat to represent Cumberland and part of York County. Brice Arndt, Scott Harper, Jon Ritchie and Mike Regan all participated in a debate on Sunday. About 500 people came out to hear what they would do to fix big issues in the state like property taxes.

"If I could see numbers that would prove out something that's revenue neutral where we couldn't win a property taxes I would be all for that I think it's crucial I think it's necessary," said Ritchie.
"And I will support Senate Bill 76 which is basically essentially the same bill which basically is a tax shift. Goes to an earned income tax tax it goes to a tax income tax in it also go to a sales tax numbers work out and it extends the base a little bit to make the numbers work out which if things work," added Regan."I would shift things more toward sales the sales tax tax tax as opposed to income tax I think sales tax is a fairer tax," said Harper.

"Being able for seniors to have a plan, have a program one that allows for number of years that you've owned and paid taxes in the state of Pennsylvania using that formula along with additional items including what your annual income is as well as what your net worth is and then coming up with a program that would allow for that specific tax relief for that certain person," said Arndt.

April 26 is the day to place your vote.