Cumberland County residents take a stand for the rights of crime victims

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CARLISLE, Pa. – About a hundred people marched on the streets Monday night, calling for greater awareness for the rights of those who are victimized by crime.

“It's not a stigma; it's just how it turned out and now we need to empower them give them some control back so they can move onward with a new life,” Michelle Sibert, the event organizer, said.

The night began with a ceremony to honor those who generously give of their time to volunteer and help those who need it as well as law enforcement that go above and beyond to help the victims of crime.

“When people need help, when they need the police, we're there for them and being able to do everything that we can for our victims is very important for us that's the whole point of being a police officer is being able to help those that can't help themselves,” Sgt. Caroline Weber, with the New Cumberland Police Department, said.

It's a strong call to help for many who are involved as they commemorate National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, which calls on organizations to serve victims early in the process to build trust and give them hope that they can move past what happened to them.

“It sort of empowers victims and I think it also brings an appreciation for the police officers, the assistant DA's and the advocates who work with victims,” Sibert said.

Advocates hope that the victims of crime know that they have options and somewhere to turn.

“In treating each person and giving each crime the due diligence it deserves I think is what's the most important because to that person each crime, it's a tragedy to them,” Weber said.

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