Judge orders aggravated-range sentence for Lititz Man with 7th DUI

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LANCASTER, Pa.– A Lititz man has been sentenced in the aggravated-range for DUI offenses, despite state sentencing guidelines requiring a mandatory year-long minimum sentence.

Wayne Busha, 58, thought he was facing a mandatory year-long prison term for his 7th DUI offense when he recently stood for sentencing in Lancaster County Court.

However, a county judge told Busha that wasn’t enough, due to his refusal to change his ways and stopped driving while intoxicated.

Busha will serve 1¾ to 5 years in state prison, in accordance with the aggravated-range sentence ordered by Judge Jeffery Wright.

Busha’s most recent DUI conviction – regarding an April 24, 2015, arrest after he caused a disturbance at Bent Creek Country Club then drove away in a pickup truck – was his seventh overall, and third that counted for sentencing.

Assistant District Attorney Ande Gonzalez said at the sentencing hearing, “there comes a point in time when the mandatory minimum isn’t enough.”

He said Busha “showed no genuine intention of breaking the cycle of drinking and driving,” saying the community needs to be protected.

When asked how much alcohol he had, Busha told Officer Smith, “Too much to be driving.”

The sentence includes: a $2,500 fine, an 18-month license suspension, 12 months of ignition interlock, and the condition that a parole officer can order Busha wear a SCRAM bracelet.

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