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Investigators still searching for York County rape suspect

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Austin Michael Craley

Austin Michael Craley

YORK TOWNSHIP, Pa. –The search for 20-year-old Austin Craley continues, and investigators today searched different areas of York Township.

Craley was accused of raping a 14-year-old girl last year. He missed his scheduled bail hearing last week and appeared at the victim’s house Friday morning with a gun.

He has been on the run ever since.

Mike Hansen, the owner of Central Booking Bail Bonds, said, “He’s still armed and dangerous. As far as we know he still has three handguns. If you see him call 911 immediately. Do not try to make contact with him.”

HansenĀ and fugitive recovery agents searched places they think he may be hiding.

They found empty bottles of water in a barn in York Township and a shirt hanging on a coat hanger.

They went to his parents’ apartment at Coventry Apartments at Waterford. There they found his car with the back window ripped open and the passenger door unlocked.

Clothing in the car resembled the shirt that was hanging outside the barn. Craley also had camping gear in the car.

The investigators think he may have broken in to reloadĀ his supplies.

Mike Hansen, the owner of the Central Booking Bail Bonds, said, “As time goes on individuals, unless you’re a survivalist, certain things start to take a toll on your body. And I believe that he’s at his wits end and soon wants to get into a more comfortable position other than laying on the ground somewhere in a tube hiding.”
The bail bondsman asked if Craley reads this, to please turn himself in.