A cloudy stretch of weather is coming

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ABOVE AVERAGE HIGHS: Fresh off Monday's highs in the 80s, we get highs in the mid 70s, today.  Mid 70s highs are still ten degrees above average.  Blame a weak cold front for that temperature dip.  The cold front also brings some thin clouds to our skies.  We'll see less clouds in the sky later this afternoon as another area of high pressure sets up over us.  Until then, we'll have breezy weather.  The winds relax this evening as the skies turn clear.  Lows end up in the mid 40s.


Sunny skies today.

SUNNY MIDWEEK: Enjoy another day of very sunny skies on Wednesday.  Highs top out in the upper 60s.  On Thursday, we get mid 70s because our air flows up from the south.  These warm breezes bring up the South's warmer air.  After starting with some sun, we'll quickly turn cloudy on Thursday.  In the afternoon, some showers arrive.  The showers continue on Friday, but don't expect a washout.  More than anything, we just have cloudy skies on Friday.  Look for highs in the low 70s.

3-Day Forecast

We have average highs in the mid 60s these days.

COOLER WEATHER: Friday's showers end with a cold front, so our highs fall to 66 on Saturday.  On Saturday, we'll get break from the cloudy skies, but the clouds return in full force on Sunday.  Because we won't have Saturday's sun, our high drops to 62.  A few showers sneak into our skies Sunday evening.  Then, the cloudy skies continue on Monday and Tuesday.  We get only a few showers on Monday.  We'll have more showers on Tuesday.  Expect highs in the mid 60s both days.  On Wednesday, sunshine returns by the afternoon.

7-Day Forecast

We trade sunny skies for cloudy skies half way though that forecast.

TEMPERATURE TRENDS: It has been an interesting month.  We started the month with a lot of days cooler than average.  Lately, we've been warmer than average.  Then, we're right at average this weekend.  We don't stray far from average for the first half of next week either.  We'll end up slight cooler than average.


We followed a colder than average start to our month with a warm stretch. We get close to average starting this weekend for a few days.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson

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