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Campaigns asking for volunteers as Election Day nears

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HARRISBURG, Pa. - Just a few blocks from each other are campaign offices for both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Both campaigns are asking people to come volunteer to spread the word about their candidates before Tuesday's election.

Peggy Grove has been volunteering for the Hilton's since 1996.

"There are phone banks. There are literature drops. There's all kind of work you can do and we need all the hands we can get," she said.

"Regardless of where the polls are and wherever he stands in anything; I feel like I am making a big difference just by calling these people and letting them know Bernie is a very viable candidate not only for the primary but also for the general election this November," said John Stoner of the Sanders' campaign.

Aside from voting for a presidential candidate The Dauphin County Democratic Committee and the Dauphin County Young Democrats want to remind you it's important to vote for who will represent you on the state and local level.

"The people you elect enact the policies that affect the country in various different ways so by not voting you're letting other people make that decision for you," said David Madsen of the Dauphin County Democratic Committee.

The polls open at 8:00am Tuesday, April 26.