Shocking twist in investigation into ‘9 puppies’ found in Schuylkill County creek

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PORTER TOWNSHIP — Animal cruelty officers have been investigating a cause of animal remains found in a creek in Schuylkill County.

When the investigation began, the remains were believed to be that of  nine puppies with crushed skulls.

A pathologist in Harrisburg examined the remains of one of the animals, and determined they were not nine puppies, but nine foxes.

Originally the case appeared to be a disturbing case of animal cruelty, with the so called puppies’ heads crushed.

“I never saw anything like it,” said Angie Bixler of Paws For A Cause PA told WNEP. “The puppies were all kind of intertwined. My one friend said it looked like they were all hugging each other and it really did. I kind of got tears in my eyes when he said that.”

Bixler buried the animal remains, taken one to a pathologist to determine the breed. She said several veterinarians had preliminarily determined the remains were those of puppies

The now identified foxes are believed to have been trapped and killed by a hunter.

Animal cruelty officials, say this is not the case of animal abuse they originally thought, but whoever did trap these foxes may still face charges for illegal dumping in the creek.