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Convicted drug dealer blamed his father for selling cocaine

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LANCASTER, Pa- A Lititz man who blamed his father at trial for selling cocaine on police surveillance was jailed Tuesday.

Wilfredo Torres, 21, will serve 3 to 23 months in Lancaster County Prison, plus a year on probation, for selling $60 worth of crack cocaine on West Clay Street in Lancaster city in November 2014.

At trial in February, Torres claimed the man selling cocaine on surveillance cameras was his father and not him.

A local jury didn’t believe him and on Feb. 18 and  convicted Torres of a felony count of delivery of a controlled substance (cocaine).

At sentencing Tuesday, Boyd asked the judge to order a prison term, saying Torres hasn’t taken responsibility for the crime and tried to implicate someone else.

While ordering sentence, Judge Spahn said it was clear Torres was selling cocaine for cash profits, not to support a drug addiction.