A cool, damp end to the week

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The gloomy skies carry into Friday to end the week.  Clouds and threat for showers will keep temps on the cool side once again too. Highs will only reach the upper 40’s to near 50 degrees.  Drizzle and hit or miss showers possible early then a few more scattered showers during the afternoon are likely.

DMA Tomorrow Highs CSV

Clouds break up very little for Saturday , in fact, light drizzle may linger during the morning.  And, the next system races eastward bringing the threat for showers as early as Saturday evening.  Highs Saturday for most areas may stay in the 50’s to near 60,  falling short of seasonable averages.  The first day of May not only looks wet but cool in the 50’s.

ME DMA Futurecast plus Temps PM 36hr


A weak system slides through bringing a few showers Monday but temperatures look milder in the lower 60’s.  Sunshine returns Tuesday boosting temperatures into the middle 60’s.  It will be a nicer day, despite a few more clouds, Wednesday. High temperatures will flirt with 70 degrees.


Severe Weather Awareness Week continues across Pennsylvania with today’s topic:  RIVER FLOODING and RIVER SAFETY.

There are several small and major rivers that run through Pennsylvania.  They are beautiful and scenic but can pose a danger too. Many of the towns and cities were founded along the banks of rivers, and many people remain there to this day. As river levels rise, many people are affected if the levels rise too high. River Flooding refers to the overflow of rivers to levels that affect these communities. It’s caused by prolonged periods of rainfall from complexes of slow moving summer thunderstorms and tropical systems.


A RIVER FLOOD WATCH means there is the potential for river flooding to occur. The potential exists usually for many counties. It is issued 12 to 24 hours in advance so there is no need to take immediate action.  However, you should have a game plan on where you need to be if flooding is a threat.  It is also a good time to think about what is most important to have with you such as water bottles, a first aid kit, nonperishable foods, and medications. You do not want to forget about your pets!   If you live in a location prone to river flooding, it’s a good idea everyone in the household knows where the emergency kit is.  Keep it with you. A RIVER FLOOD WARNING is issued when river flooding is imminent and/or occurring. Be ready to move to higher ground or heed evacuation orders as necessary. This is time to take action to protect lives and property.


It is highly recommended to purchase a NOAA Weather radio to keep you alerted to forecast updates and possible warnings and to have an emergency planned laid out so all family members know what to do and where to go.

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MaryEllen Pann,