Car crashes into house in Cumberland County, injures woman

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SOUTHAMPTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A car crashed into a Cumberland County home early Thursday morning, injuring a woman inside.

Robert Mills, the home owner, said, "Actually thought something came down from the ceiling until I realized what it was."

Mills and his wife and daughter were home when a car drove through their house on Cleversburg Road in Southampton Township.
"I figured the steel beam out front would stop her," he said.

But it didn't.

The driver went through the front yard, taking out the mailbox and a tree before traveling about 50 feet to crash into the house.

"I was in the garage and heard a bang, came through the door and there's a car in my living room and kitchen," he said.

He said the woman driving the car didn't seem concerned.

"I came into the house from the garage, and she jumps out of the car and asks how to get out of the house."

But his wife was injured and had to get X-rays for her chest and arm. She was in the kitchen and got hit by the car.

Mills is thankful his daughter wasn't injured.

"Luckily she was still in bed. Luckily she slept with us last night because lots of particles fell down on her bed," he said.