Red Lion woman yelled racial slurs at neighbor; will serve jail time

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RED LION, York County, Pa- Police arrest and charge a woman after she was yelling racial slurs at her neighbors who were trying to get her to quiet down.

According to charging document, State police filed charges of ethnic intimidation, harassment and disorderly conduct against Amanda Warfel for a Feb. 28 incident during which Warfel made racist comments to her neighbor’s  15-year-old daughter, calling her “monkey” and the “n” word.

Police then filed a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge against Warfel for a March 21 incident in which Warfel allegedly had sex so loudly it caused a dresser and a bed in the daughters’ room to shake, according to charging documents.

When the neighbor, an African-American woman,  knocked on the wall and asked Warfel to quiet down because the teen had school the next morning, the noise became louder, police said.

When the woman asked a second time, Warfel responded by saying “This is why I hate f****** N word”, charging documents stated.

The woman and Warfel were in a verbal argument for a long period of time before police were called.

When police arrived and interviewed witnesses, who said they also heard Warfel call the woman and her daughter a racial slur multiple times.

Warfel who was on adult probation already, was arrested and charged. She is currently in York County Prison serving out her 90 day sentence due to probation violation.