State Representative Kevin Schreiber hosts Student Debt Day of Action

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Rep. Kevin Schreiber (D- York County) addresses crowd during Student Debt Day of Action at Penn State York on Thursday.

YORK, Pa. – In Pennsylvania, the average student debt per person is well over $33,000, and nationwide it sits at more than a trillion dollars. State Representative Kevin Schreiber of York says he wants to see Pennsylvania’s college students get their degrees without going into debt.

Schreiber hosted a Student Debt Day of Action at the Penn State York Campus on Thursday. He wants to see new policies that could cut down on those costs.

“We in Pennsylvania, we believe in degrees and not necessarily debt,” Schreiber said, “And together we need to come to a common solution for our millennial generation but also for many people that are living under the struggling burden of student debt right now.”

Student debt is the only type of debt that can’t be forgiven by declaring bankruptcy. Officials say the only ways out are by disability or death. They say there are programs in place that help relieve debt, but don’t solve the problem outright.

There is current legislation on student debt which includes the In the Red Act, SB107, and SB741.

Student Debt day of action was developed by the student member’s of Schreiber’s collegiate advisory council.