Jury deliberations underway in Lancaster City bar shooting

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LANCASTER, Pa. – A Lancaster County jury begins deliberating the fate of a man charged with opening fire in a city bar, killing an innocent bystander and wounding two others. The deliberations started just before 4 p.m.

Testimony concluded Monday morning, the sixth day of Lamar Clark’s trial over the November 7, 2014, shooting at Shenk’s Café on East Chestnut Street.

Assistant District Attorney Mark Fetterman and defense lawyer Randall L. Miller then gave closing arguments. After that, County Judge James Cullen instructed jurors on the law to apply during deliberations, before excusing them to do so.

Clark, 29, is charged with Homicide, Attempted Homicide, and numerous counts of reckless endangerment.

Barry Diffenderfer, a 54-year-old bystander who was seated at the bar, was killed by gunfire.

In opening statements and closing arguments, Fetterman told the jurors the shooting was first-degree murder.

The defense has suggested Clark fired in self-defense.

During trial, Fetterman, along with Assistant District Attorney Andrew LeFever, called numerous witnesses, including several individuals in the bar that night. None of them testified to a dispute or instance of Clark being threatened by anyone at the bar.

Lancaster city police arrested Clark near the bar, shortly after the shooting, when they came upon him nude a half block away from the shooting scene on E. Chestnut Street.

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