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Central Pa. police offer places to go to exchange property from online transactions

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YORK, Pa. -- York City Police arrested three people who are accused of acting as either buyers or sellers online.

Police said they lured victims into the city, only to rob them at gunpoint.

Now they are asking people to meet in safe areas.

Lexi Klepper, who lives in York, said, "You don't know who you're meeting and if it's in a private area you don't know if you're going to be safe or not, especially with what I've heard recently about the accidents that happen."

Many people are skeptical of who they are meeting up with.

Nick Dowling, who lives in Dover, said, "Leaving it up to just the two parties can lead to some sketchy situations. I've bought and sold stuff on Craigslist and online before too, so I understand the apprehension you can have if someone's like, 'Oh do you want to meet at such and such place?'"

Springettsbury Township Police Department already has a safety zone with surveillance cameras to monitor transactions. The safety zone is two parking spots with 24-hour surveillance.

York Area Regional Police is working on a safe zone at their station as well. Other police stations have cameras at the front of their building where people can feel safe when buying or selling items.

Klepper said, "If you're in front of a police station especially with the cameras they're not going to do anything harmful while they're on camera, especially in front of a police station."

York City Police suggest if you can't go to a police station, go to a convenience store with surveillance cameras.

"It should always be an option to go to a public place because you're going to want people there just in case. Always prepare for the worst case scenario," Dowling said.

If a person is not willing to meet with you at a public place, then it probably is not a legitimate transaction.