Flock of turkeys are regulars at York County Rutter’s

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SPRING GARDEN TWP., Pa. - Christy Amig says she couldn't believe what she saw outside her medical office: several wild turkeys roaming the parking lot.

It's not the only sighting either of the birds, which have apparently set up shop in a field behind the Rutter's on Richland Avenue across the street from York College.

"They came around the corner and they just started gobbling," Amig said. "They were blocking up traffic and everybody ran out to take a look."

The turkeys, about a dozen or so in number, have been occasionally spotted several times over the last few weeks, drawing interest from people around the area.

"Most of our patients are older and some are hunters and they were really interested in them," Amig said. "We had one of our patients who ran home, got his camera and came and sat in the fields at Rutter's and took pictures of them."

The field is also behind the medical office buildings where Amig works and a construction site at York Country Day School. It's unknown where they came from, but workers in the area say they are mostly seen in the morning hours.

"With everything that's going on, the construction from the school and over to Rutter's, they're pushing them towards the routes of civilization," she said.