‘Hospitality Academy’ students land jobs after graduation

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LANCASTER, Pa -- Meet the first graduates of the Lancaster Marriott Hospitality Academy.

These six students from the School District of Lancaster have spent the past 12 weeks in and out of the classroom learning how hotels operate from the ground up.

"Things as simple as setting an alarm and getting up on time, direct deposit, banking and those sorts of things and also how to interact with your co-workers," said Michael O'Connor, the Human Resources Director at Lancaster Marriott.

The six kids are students with disabilities and because of the training, at least two of them will be working at the hotel in Lancaster county after graduation in a few weeks.

"I'm going to be able to have a job and be able to work with more people," said Valier Murch, a student and future hotel employee.

Marriott officials say the future is bright for these students, considering many of the managers at the hotel started as entry level employees too.

"The general manager started as a dishwasher about 30 years ago. I started as an overnight security  officer 20 years ago and here I am today," said O'Connor.

The Lancaster Marriott says the program was such a success, officials hope even more students get involved next year.