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Local company searches for the paranormal

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SOUTHAMPTON TOWNSHIP, FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa.-- Ghost stories might be something shared around a campfire, but for a John and Christina Lewis it's their living. Both said they became involved in the paranormal after unexplained situations from their youth.

They are part of the company of Baelfire Paranormal Investigation, which has been around for about 20 years. They do research and investigate claims of paranormal activity.

In their time, they have given only one building a certificate of being haunted. It's at Slippery Rock University in western Pennsylvania.

"I hit the floor and the other two people that were with me heard footsteps and a little kid running away," John Lewis said.

He said they don't go looking to make something out of nothing. They will first look for possible reasons something is happening before looking for the paranormal.

"Ghost hunting is like fishing, you can be out there five minutes and catch a lot or four or five hours and catch nothing," he said.

When they investigate a possible haunted building, they will do so in the nighttime hours. Some of the tools they use include laser grids, video and picture cameras, and audio recording equipment. All of this is analyzed before making a decision on paranormal activity.