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Pennsylvania drivers say ‘not so fast’ to 70 mph speed limit increase

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SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. -- Drivers across the Keystone State may be pushing their limit Tuesday.

However, not all drivers are happy about the state's new 70 mile per hour speed limit.

Just in time for summer road trips, drivers can hit up to 70 miles per hour on many interstates and most of the turnpike across Pennsylvania, but not everyone is ready to push the pedal to the metal.

Pennsylvania driver Ariel Keisling said "they're going to be going 80, 90, yeah, that's what I think. They're going to be rushing up behind you in the left hand lane thinking you're not going fast enough, even though you're going 70."

Motorist Greg Myers said " vast majority of drivers, are already driving distracted, phones, eating, drinking."

While it may be legal to go 70 mph on many roads across the state, that doesn't mean drivers should push the limit or their luck.

Pennsylvania State Trooper Adam Reed said "speeding is one of the top causes of crashes, whether it's a straight open stretch of highway, or interstate, or a windy back country road, speed does play a factor unfortunately."

Driving faster may save time, but some have concerns at what cost.

"Young drivers who lack the experience to control a vehicle or react appropriately at higher speeds," Myers said.

"I've been told that you get the best gas mileage going around 55 to 60 miles per hour," Keisling said.

"There could be some very pricey speeding citations if you're really exceeding the posted speed limit," Trp. Reed said.

There is one simple way to avoid a speeding ticket.

"No matter what the speed limit is, it's important that people drive safely, and don't drive distracted, and obey the speed limit," Tpr. Reed said.