‘I don’t want to be sleeping and wake up on Cameron St.’

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HARRISBURG, Pa. - There are eight apartments in The McFarland Building that had to be evacuated, Thursday, when part of the parking lot next to the building collapsed. There is no timeline for when those residents will be allowed back in the building.

"I don't want to be sleeping and end up on Cameron Street. I mean how many people can sleep comfortably when half the building is gone," said Kameron Ballon who lives in one of the evacuated apartments.

The people who live in the back half of the building were not evacuated and are allowed to stay however, Carla Santiago's car is the the parking garage next to the collapse. There is no telling when she can get it out and she wants to be sure her son is safe.

"I'm just like I kind of want to get his car seat (and) see if I can get him out of here as soon as possible, but we just have to wait," she said.

The Mulberry Street Bridge will stay closed until at least noon Friday.

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