Lancaster County teacher receives surprise recognition during Teacher Appreciation Week

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EAST LAMPETER TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Flowers, balloons and an oversized check greeted Lancaster Mennonite School teacher, Sheri Wenger. The owner of a local McDonald's surprised the history and sociology teacher inside her classroom in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.

Wenger is a mother of two who has been a teacher at Lancaster Mennonite for 30 years. She says she still loves what she does.

"In honors sociology, we were dealing with a chapter on age stratification," Wenger said. " We were talking about retirement, and kids were asking me when am I going to retire,  and they weren't asking saying it was time to retire.  But, I said to them that I hope I know when to retire: when I'm no longer having fun in the classroom.  And I'm still having fun in the classroom."

Wenger says she plans on using the check to buy school supplies for Syrian refugees who will be attending Lancaster Mennonite. She also received a McDonald's gift card and the store owner plans on buying a new DVD player for Wenger's classroom.

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