State Rep. wants to prevent companies from selling your data

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HARRISBURG, Pa --  New legislation in Pennsylvania may make your personal information more private.

For years, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has been selling drivers information.

Last year, the state made more than $40 million dollars selling DMV records.

That money goes to public transportation around the state and PennDOT says it relies on those funds each year.

The companies that buy those records could be using it to get background checks on you.

A recent audit shows that one company, Sterlingbackcheck, didn't follow all the security procedures.

PennDOT says no driver's information was misused. but it did terminate its contract with sterling.

State Representative Bob Matzie says the whole situation has him disgusted.

"My main concern is the protection of this data."

So, he introduced a new bill.

The legislation likely wouldn't stop PennDOT from selling your data completely, but he wants to limit who has access to information.

"The reality is people that are looking to steal someone`s identity that have larceny in their genes as my grandfather used to say really look at every avenue."

He says the law that allows PennDOT to sell information has been around for decades.

Matzie says believes are much more savvy these days and we need to be too.

"If they could pick up a little bit of information of what they were able to steal via a 3rd or fourth or fifth or sixth party, that could be just piece of that puzzle to eventually lead to a breach and identity theft."

Matzie says he also wants to reach out to the auditor general about the PennDOT sales.

The state rep. plans to talk to PennDOT about this bill soon.

We reached out to PennDOT, the press office says it can not comment on pending legislation.

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