Local school Quiz Bowl program features academic athletes

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LANCASTER COUNTY – Brad Rutter is one of the most successful champions in Jeopardy history and is a 1995 graduate of Manheim Township High School. He is also a former Quiz Bowl student for the Blue Streaks. Best described as academic athletes, they have competitions to show off their book smarts. This year’s slogans for the team are “Talk Nerdy To Me” and “We Put the Stud in Study.”

"It's a way to expose yourself to academia in general," explains Quiz Bowl Junior Ahan Patel. "There's different fields, history, science, literature, fine arts. You expose yourself to different types of knowledge and you get to compete when you hear questions on the subject."

"There are two teams competing against each other at any given time. There are 20 questions in a given round," details Quiz Bowl Senior Jake Deerin. "It's basically a competition to see which team knows the most. It's fun, tests your knowledge, encourages you to study."

In addition to expanding their mind, Quiz Bowl offers unforgettable experiences with competitions in places like the Pennsylvania State House and National Championships in Chicago and Dallas. Make no mistake, they put in the extra work to make sure they're ready to compete.

"It's certainly working out our brains, it's definitely athletic in that sense," said Quiz Bowl Junior Shayar Bhattacharjee. "We think, we remember, recollecting is the primary aspect."

"They will say 'oh yeah' we don't spend that much time studying but the amount of time they put in is amazing. It's dozens and dozens of hours a week in some cases."

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