Utilities in working order after Harrisburg ground collapse

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The retaining wall collapse next to the Mulberry Street Bridge in Harrisburg may be a headache for construction crews, but it may be the utility crews who got a break.

A spokesperson with Pennsylvania Power and Light has some good news for people in the area, electricity is up and running.

PPL crews were on the scene Thursday night to cut power to the building that the parking lot and a car fell on , so UGI could check gas lines.

PPL also turned off electricity to four other nearby businesses.

UGI crews then surveyed the area with equipment which can detect the smallest of leaks.

Power was out for those five businesses for about an hour and a half. After they got word that everything was OK, the lights were back on around 7:15 Thursday night.

The shifting ground didn't cause any problems to water and sewer lines. Capital Region Water took several steps to ensure water and sewer lines in the area are safe.

Occasionally, crews use listening devices to check for leaks, but none was found.

Some may wonder if the water is safe to drink, but a spokesperson for CRW said it was never in question, and that the water is fine.

To check the sewer, crews first reviewed maps to confirm there weren't any lines in the area of the collapse.

Second, crews pulled manhole covers upstream and downstream of the collapse to make sure water was still flowing.

If it weren't, that would have meant there was some type of blockage.

After inspecting the area of the landslide, CRW gave water and sewer lines a thumbs up.

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