Allow time for proper warm up before hitting the course

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We head to Heritage Hills Golf Resort in York County for the FOX43 Beasley Ford Lincoln Golf Tip of the Week. We met with their Head PGA Pro, Bill Brander.

Bill Brander, PGA Pro

"We're at the new practice green at Heritage Hills. This is where I want to see you at first before you start your practice routine. You will save 5-10 strokes by chipping and putting. Maybe 20 minutes before you go to the driving range so start here first and move over to the driving range."

"We have done our work on the practice green, 15-20 minutes over there. Now we're going to go to the driving range. So many people want to pull the driver out but look at it compared to the pitching wedge. Its so much longer and more difficult to warm up with so I'm going to start with the pitching wedge and work on the middle of my swing. So if there is a clock face behind me I'm going to go to 9 o'clock, to 6 o'clock to 3 o'clock. Work on that timing, tempo and technique. Once you are done with the pitching wedge, hit 5 shots with each club, 7 iron, 4 iron, hybrid and work your way up to the driver. Hit the driver last because that will likely be the first club you will hit on the first hole."