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Family believes light-up toddler shoes caused fire

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KATY, TX — A family in Texas is blaming their son’s light-up shoes for sparking a fire in their SUV.

Attila Virag told KPRC that there was nothing in the car that could have caused the fire, and the shoe was lying on the ground with the wires sticking up.

The fire marshall has not yet determined the origin of the fire, but the Virag family believes a lithium ion battery in the shoe could be to blame.

The boy’s mother is just concerned what would have happened if her 2-year-old was wearing the shoes.

The family says the bought the “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” shoes at Payless.

A spokesperson from Payless said:

“We have contacted the family, and we will work with them and local authorities to better understand the circumstances of the fire and what may have caused it.”

The Payless spokesperson said she wasn’t aware of any other reports of the light-up shoes catching fire.

She also said safety is a top priority for the company, and out of an abundance of caution they have removed the shoes from store shelves.