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Info-graphic for “Bernie Sanders’ glow sticks” actually gives instruction for deadly chlorine bombs

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An info-graphic describing how to make “Bernie Sanders’ glow sticks” is beginning to go viral, landing on sites like Reddit and Tumblr.

bernie sanders glowsticks infographicHowever, the info-graphic is not describing how to make glow sticks at all. In fact, the instructions would help create a deadly chlorine bomb, according to Tech.Mic.

While the picture describes small, blue glow sticks and is stamped with a fake “Bernie Sanders approves” message at the bottom, it in fact is the recipe to make a chemical reaction that has enough chlorine gas to cause a pressurized explosion in the bottle which releases the gas into the air. This clip from Youtube shows what this bomb is capable of.

As of now, it is unknown who is responsible for the creation of the info-graphic, but its intentions are not to promote a presidential candidate.