Dog makes over a mile-long trip to daycare on his own

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BELMONT, NC.-- For some, finding a daycare for your pet can be a daunting task. However, when you find a place your animal enjoys, it can make all the world of difference.

One North Carolina woman's dog, Riley, likes his daycare very much. In fact, he likes it so much that he made a trip, by himself, over a mile away to his daycare.

It began when Tonia, the dog's owner, drove past the daycare on their way home. Riley whimpered a bit when they passed the location, but soon enough they were home, and Tonia let him out on the back deck.

"I gave him a treat when he was sitting on the deck and I said 'ok buddy I'll be back after a while," Tonia said.

From there, Riley must have been plotting his escape because shortly after Tonia left, Riley did too.

The dog walked over a mile, through downtown Belmont, all the way to the daycare. It was a short time until he was discovered.

"Someone walked in the door and said there's a dog sitting out here waiting to come in," Tonia said.

Riley was able to spend the day with his dog friends, and Tonia promised to take him there more often.

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