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Repeat sex offender, pleads guilty, sentenced to life in prison

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Paul David Miller

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Repeat sex offender Paul David Miller, 53,  of West Hanover Township, was sentenced to life in prison today  following his conviction of Sexual Abuse of Children (child pornography).

In Dauphin County Court, District Attorney Ed Marsico presented Miller’s prior record, which includes prior sexual offenses dating to 1983. Miller went to county prison then on a charge of Indecent Assault. In 1986, he served 1-2 years in state prison for Indecent and Aggravated Assault charges. In 1989, he again was sentenced to state prison on incidents from Susquehanna and Swatara Townships involving Indecent Assaults and Corruption of Minors. In 2006, Miller was acquitted by a jury of sexual assault and indecent assault charges.

Marsico noted that because of the nature of the current charge and his prior record, a life sentence is mandated and Miller agreed to plead guilty for such a sentence.

At sentencing, Judge John F. Cherry noted Miller had lived a “life of depravity.”  Cherry stated that Miller is a danger to society and particularly children.

On November 3, 2015, detectives from the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Criminal Investigation Division, assisted by members of the Pennsylvania State Police and the Attorney General’s Computer Forensic Unit, executed a search warrant at the Piketown Road residence of Miller.  Detectives determined that Miller was residing in a motor home at the rear of the property.  Detectives were searching for child pornography that Miller reportedly downloaded.  The investigation began after detectives received a “Cyber Tip” from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Detectives approached Miller’s motor home and identified themselves as “Police” when they knocked on the motor-home’s door.  Police officers could hear a male voice inside the motor-home twice say “Get ready to get them” accompanied by the sounds of growling dogs.  Miller next appeared at the door of the motor-home in a position that he could see two uniformed State Troopers standing directly in front of the motor-home door.  Miller almost immediately issued a command to his two dogs- “Get them”.  Miller then released the dogs out the door of the home and repeated the “Get them” command three to four more times.  Both dogs came out of the motor-home and aggressively charged the uniformed troopers.  Two shots were fired by a trooper to fend off the attacking dogs.  One dog was injured but survived.  Both dogs retreated after the shots were fired.

Miller began screaming at the police officers and took an aggressive stance towards the officers.  Miller refused multiple commands to lay on the ground.  Miller then struggled with police as they tried to arrest him.  Police officers had to utilize ‘Tasers’ and pepper spray to gain control of Miller.  Once police gained control of Miller, detectives searched his motor-home.  Agents from the Attorney General’s Computer Crimes Mobile Forensic Unit then examined items seized during the search and were able to identify several images of child pornography on Miller’s phone.

The Sexual Offender Assessment Board will conduct an investigation to determine whether Miller is a sexually violent predator.