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Two PA teens charged for making tainted baked goods meant for elementary students

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Armstrong County, PA –Two middle school teens made a disgusting creation for a school event, according to police.

State Police said the girls mixed Rice Krispies and Dawn detergent, and one other ingredient –pieces of a scab from one of the girl’s knees.

Tropper Eric Young said, “On Tuesday it happen in the home economics class late in the afternoon but home economics teacher and a couple of the students were making baked goods.”

The baked good were meant for elementary school student that were visiting the middle school for their sixth grade orientation.

“One of the students tasted the baked goods and told the teacher that it was funny. The teacher also tasted it and said it didn’t taste right.” Said Tropper Young.

After the discovery, none of the treats were served at the event.

The girls have now been suspended and face charges of disorderly conduct.

As for their intentions? Trooper Young said, “I’m guessing they thought it was funny because all the group of people that were there are all friends, so it wasn’t like they were trying to taunt anybody. It was just something not nice to do and they did it.”

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