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York County woman has to move or give up farm animals

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WINDSOR TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A York County woman will either have to move out of her home in 30 days or give up her farm animals.

Horses, cows and chickens make up part of the Greene's family, causing a neighbor to file a complaint.

Karen Greene said, "They wrote a letter to Windsor Township saying we had too many animals, so the town contacted us."

Greene owns three therapy horses, two calves and chickens.

According to Windsor Township zoning laws, Greene needs to have two acres per every animal weighing more than 125 lbs. The property she rents is only 5 acres. Now she has only two options.

"We have 30 days to either move or get rid of three animals," she said.

But getting rid of the animals would take an emotional toll on the family, especially her children. She has eight children total, including four who are adopted and two who are foster children.

One of her children has a mental disability and the therapy horse helps her.

"She's actually been tutored on her horse to learn some spelling because her academic level is low," Greene said.

If she decides to move, she may have to give up her foster children. They most likely wouldn't be able to move with her because her new home has to be inspected by the foster agency. 30 days isn't enough time. Now she may have to give the horses up if she can't find a 10-acre property.

"It wouldn't help our children. From the life they came to to the life they have now would be a huge difference to have nothing when their everyday life is to be able to ride horses and feed cows bottles and gather eggs from our chickens," she said.

But that is Greene's last resort.

"We would cry, we would be devastated. My goal is to not have to get rid of them. I don't want to move, but I'd rather move than get rid of them," she said.

If Greene doesn't move or give up three of her animals, her landlord will have to pay a fine.