Gettysburg theater helps kids with special needs perform ‘Seussical the Musical”

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Gettysburg, PA -- Kids in Adams County are ready perform Suessical the musical, but it's not your average opening night.

This Production is part of the penguin project.

"The penguin project is very unique because it pairs special needs children with peer mentors, children without special needs," said Chad-Alan Carr with the Gettysburg Community Theatre.

The foundation started in Illinois.

The Gettysburg Community Theatre was the first to host the program in Pennsylvania.

"That relationship building that's happening through the process of the production is truly magical and is so much even more important than the production itself," said Carr.

This year, 50 kids from 12 different school districts in central Pennsylvania will perform.

Even the founder of the penguin project came from Peoria, Illinois to cheer on the kids in Adams County.

"I get to see so many children doing so well. Things that they're parents and everyone else thought they would never do," said Andrew Morgan from the Penguin Project.

All of the kids are excited to take the stage together at Gettysburg Area High School.

"So I want to be an actor when I grow up and it's cool to share that experience with somebody else and maybe influence them to do what I want to do," said Brandon Gladfelter, a student mentor from Gettysburg.

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