Threat of base closures raises renewed concern in Carlisle

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CARLISLE, Pa. -- The Department of Defense recently sent a report to Congress that there's an Army surplus of a different kind, too many troops.

Some say the threat of base closures is a time to remember the value of the Army barracks in Carlisle.

For U.S. Army War College graduate Tom Faley, the Carlisle school is more than just a place filled with memories for the retired colonel.

Faley said, "The medical clinic there serves the retirement community in this area, the commissary does too."

South Middleton Township Supervisor Faley has been following the Department of Defense talk of a surplus of troops and consideration of Base Realignment and Closures (BRAC).

"It would be a real hardship for many people, particularly in the senior enlisted grades without it," Faley said.

A spokesperson for the war college said she's not aware of the barracks being at risk, but Faley said it came close to closing when put on a list about a decade ago.

"Scared the heck out of us. It scared me in particular. I remember our township manager at that time, Barb Wilson, it all got our attention," Faley  said.

Faley is just one of many who hope the Army recognizes and appreciates the role the barracks play, not only in Carlisle but Pennsylvania.

"The governor, I've been told, the governor set up a task force to help fight any closures of installations locally. I'm glad to see that," Faley  said.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Army War College said smaller schools are sometimes at risk of closures, but she believes they have the Army's support.