York County commissioners propose additional fee on vehicle registration

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YORK, Pa.-- York County residents could see an additional $5 fee added on their vehicle registration. Currently it costs about $36 to register your vehicle.

"I don't really care for that, I think what it is now is quite enough," Karen Woolley of Stewartstown said.

The money would go towards repairing the more than 90 bridges the county maintains.

"I certainly don't want people in harms way," commissioner Doug Hoke said.

The average age of the county bridges is 65-years-old, 17 of them are more than a hundreds years old. The York County Planning Commission said their current plan is to rebuild a bridge a year.

"We are doing projects to ensure they stay open and are in safe condition," York County Transportation Planner William Clark said.

Clark said with the change how much federal and state dollars they receive, their current plan will not work after 2020. He said the proposal will help them form a long term plan. He added the average cost to rebuild a bridge is $2 million.

"This is necessary in order to keep the bridges in working order," Clark said.

It is estimated the fee would bring in $2 million dollars.

Drivers said they aren't excited to pay more money, but they said if it means safer bridges they are for it.

"It's going to cost you more if you go over a pot hole and the bridge isn't fixed," David Tyler from York said. "You got to ask yourself, do you pay now or pay later."

The York County Commissioners said they are open to public feedback. They are able to be reached by phone, email, and their Wednesday meetings. The proposed fee is expected to be voted on at their June 15th meeting.