Attempted distraction burglary in Lemoyne

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LEMOYNE, Pa. — An elderly woman was victimized by a crew attempting to burglarize her home. West Shore Regional Police say a middle eastern woman knocked on the victim’s door in Lemoyne Borough around 12:20 pm Thursday and began to ask about residence for sale in the area.

The female suspect asked about the lay out of the residence and was able to convince the victim to allow her inside.  While inside another female entered the residence and began to speak with the victim.  While they were talking, the victim heard someone going up her stairs and yelled.  The victim then observed a male suspect running out her door.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact West Shore Regional Police at 717-238-9676.

Police offered a few crime tips to avoid being burglarized by one of these suspects.

If you get someone unknown at your door and you have already opened the door: (You should always keep your door locked)…Remember C.A.R.D.I.A.C.

1. Check their ID and write their name. Keep a notepad with a pen near the front door, so that you don’t give them an opening.

2. Ask questions, for example, what neighbor needs work, ask for a copy of the order, what is your neighbors name and number. Get a hold of your neighbor.

3. Refuse and Reschedule, in the interim call your neighbor to verify the information.

4. Don’t let them in your house! What ever you do.

5. Information, gather as much of it as you can.

5. Always get a good suspect and vehicle description (license plate, make, model).

6. Call police.


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