Gettysburg hiring third consultant to review police procedures

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GETTYSBURG, Pa. --The Gettysburg police department will once again be under review, but this time for a different reason.

This is the third consultant Gettysburg council members hired in a year to review the police department.

Gettysburg Borough hired two consultants last year after a police officer wearing a body camera tased a man who refused to get out of his car.

The borough manager, Charles Gable, said this consultant is being brought in for a different reason.

"There's not going to be a review of past conduct per se. It's looking forward, making sure the policies and procedures that are in place are appropriate for the new world that we live in, especially given the national spotlight on policing," Gable said

The decision comes with a price tag for the borough: a concern for some taxpayers.

Gable said, "His hourly rate is $75 an hour. And it's expected that he'll be working in the borough on a weekly basis for about an 8 hour period once a week."

Some residents are pleased Gettysburg is taking a closer look at police.

John Culberson said, "I think it's long overdue that the police department procedures and tactics be reviewed. They have developed a bad reputation in this area and I think they need the study."

Glenn Murphy said,"It's good that someone's going to check into what's going on and find out all the skeletons in the closet."

Gable said overall it's for the borough's benefit.

"The majority of the council understands that while this is unbudgeted, it's a necessary expense to insure the safety and welfare of the citizens, and that in their mind is a justifiable expense," he said.

Gable said it is anticipated the consultant will start within a week.

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