Guilty verdict in sexual assault trial

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DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. – A Dauphin County jury today found Yufan Yan guilty of Indecent Assault and Simple Assault.  The same jury found Yan not guilty of criminal attempt rape charges and unlawful restraint.

The conviction resulted from an incident on September 20, 2014, during which Yan went to the Middletown apartment of a female acquaintance who lived alone.  While in the apartment, Yan began to make sexual advances, which were quickly rebuffed.  Despite the victim saying no, Yan picked her up off of the couch and carried her into her bedroom.  He dropped her on the bed and climbed on top of her.

While on top of her, Yan reached under her sweatshirt with his hand and groped her breast.  He then unbuttoned her shorts, pulled down her zipper, and attempted to pull down her shorts.

The victim was able to get away from Yan after he hesitated when she threatened to call the police.  Yan then went after the victim, grabbed her arm, and tried to drag her back into the bedroom.  Throughout the entire sequence of events, the victim was saying, “put me down, no,  and don’t.”  However, Yan ignored her clear expressions that she did not consent to his behavior.

Sentencing for Yan was deferred for an evaluation by the Sexual Offenders Assessment Board.

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