‘It was important to me to hunt down the people that helped me, helped my family, and come back and say thank you.’

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YORK TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- May 15th through May 21st is National Emergency Medical Services week. It's a fitting time to give those workers the recognition they deserve.

A York Township man gave an emotional thanks to the EMS crew who saved his life.

It's an expression of gratitude which could help save someone else's life.

The name of one York Township fire station says it all, Goodwill. That is its purpose and its mission. And for that, Norm and Joanne Morris couldn't be more grateful.

Thursday, May 5th, Norm Morris was mowing his lawn when the unexpected happened.

"I got crushing pains in my chest. Some people say it's like an elephant sitting on your chest, where you can't get your breath. I've never experienced that before, and that's the reason that I asked Joanne to call 911," Norm Morris said.

Norm's wife Joanne Morris said, "It was a scary encounter, fortunately we had a very good outcome."

A Goodwill Fire EMS crew soon arrived at their house, but then Norm's heart suddenly stopped beating, his life in their hands.

York Regional EMS paramedic Jason Mosebach said, "We got there, within four minutes he had his cardiac arrest, and he was back with us within a minute, a minute and a half, it felt like seconds."

That wouldn't be the last and only time Mosebach would encounter the Morrises.

"Thursday, a week after his cardiac arrest and admission to the hospital, he was standing in our station talking to us, thanking us, hand shakes, hugs, some tears," Moesbach said.

"It was important to me to hunt down the people that helped me, helped my family, and come back and say thank you." Norm Morris said.

"We're a humble profession, I think. A lot of the people that I work with, that I'm proud to call friends and colleagues. It's just another part of the job," Mosebach said.

Norm also has a message for everyone.

"If you have pain that you've never felt before, and you'll know it, don't hesitate, call 911. Get someone there, to save your life. If we would have waited, I would not be standing here today," Norm Morris said.

As Norm's wife Joanne loving turns towards him, the expression on her face shows what else, for which this family has to be thankful.

"It's incredible. Just it was so close to losing him. It was just amazing. Again, thank God for every day that you have, because you never know what's going to happen," Joanne Morris said.

"When you go into cardiac arrest, and you're able to be brought back, just appreciate every moment, you have with people, your family, your friends," Norm Morris said.

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