‘We are human beings’ Transgender women speak about bathroom issue; Pastor weighs in

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YORK COUNTY, Pa. - President Obama has announced a decree that suggests all public schools should allow students to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. Although the decree cannot become law, Obama has threatened to pull federal funding for schools that do not obey.

"The solution at this time is for Christians to begin to examine what does the phrase enough is enough mean? I think we’ve reached that tipping point in the USA. I think that now is the time for massive peaceful civil disobedience throughout the USA," said Michael Anthony from Grace Fellowship of York.

Anthony has spoken out about the issue. He welcomes transgender people into his congregation though feels he or she should use certain restrooms.

"If you’re anatomically of this sex you go into this bathroom. If you're anatomically of that sex you go into that bathroom. If some wants to spend the tens of thousands of dollars to change their anatomy then once that process is complete they’re welcome to use the bathroom that suites the actual anatomy that they have," he said.

Members of Transology, a group in York and Lancaster Counties that provides support and resources to transgender people feels differently.

Susie Moon says,"for him to come right out and take the funding because they refuse to do this I don’t think this is a far thing to be done."

Moon says something does need to be done though.

"If you don’t allow these young kids to be who they are as a transgender there’s going to be far more hatred in the world than there already is and lord know there’s enough hatred in this world," said Moon.

"If I have to go I am going to go into a women’s bathroom. I have no problems. Sometimes I might get looks and sometimes I might get a nice compliment," said Felicia Baugher who is a member of Transology.

"When I thought that I looked good enough and I had the confidence then I started doing it probably because it was safer," said Ellen Davidson who is also a member of Transology.

So far Obama has not announced how much federal funding will be withheld if schools do not oblige.

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