York Haven is hosting Zombie Apocalypse Live

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YORK, Pa.– Halloween may be months away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a scare this weekend.

Halloween Park, in conjunction with the Colorado-based entertainment group 13th floor, will host Zombie Apocalypse Live from May 20-22.

The event, a tactical, live-action zombie experience, will include arming participants with weapons that are meant to replicate M4 carbine guns. The replicas weigh the same as an M4 and will produce 30 percent of the actual gun’s recoil, according to the event website.

Tickets for the event are on sale, but there are only 300 left.

Ashley Russell, spokeswoman for 13th floor, said that people walk through the course in teams of four or five, and the actors who play zombies often get really into their roles.

“(The zombies) are not allowed to touch you, but it’s more of an adrenaline-type thing,” she said. “You’re an active participant as opposed to in a haunted house.”

Russell said participants can choose from three different missions — recruit, special ops and elite special ops — which range in price from $29.99-49.99 and differ based on the length of the experience and amount of ammo.

Each group’s experience will last between 30-40 minutes.

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