Heritage Days commemorate the Vietnam War

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MIDDLESEX TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Vietnam veteran Russ Mowry was an Army aviation pilot during the Vietnam War. He flew a Huey. His helicopter is on display for Heritage Days. This year's event commemorates the Vietnam War.

"To be here with this helicopter and know that I flew it and to sit in the front with my son it’s… there’s no way I can tell you what it is like. It’s impossible," said Mowry.

He is also an artist. He painted the nose of his helicopter 48 years ago and is now painting a new nose for it. He is creating the art at Heritage Days.

The Huey is just one exhibit. The two day event looks to allow people to walk through Army history. There are many re-enactments. John Heckman is re-enacting WWI. Even in the rain he wore an original wool uniform.

"It does very well. It’s 100 years old and you have to think it was made for being in the field and it does pretty well. I’m pretty warm other than being a little wet," he said.

Heritage Days continue Sunday from 9:00am - 5:00pm. They are free to attend.

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