Harrisburg after hours club raided, police make multiple arrests, seize drugs

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DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. – As part of Operation Safe City, Harrisburg City Police raided an after hours club over the weekend,  seizing crack cocaine, marijuana, a stolen handgun and arresting over a dozen people.

The raid followed an undercover operation in which illegal drugs were purchased at about 2 a.m. from inside of Forever Nights (also known as Alpha Club) located at 523 S. 19th Street.

Then at about 3:30 hours, members of the uniform patrol, Street Crimes, Vice, U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force, Dauphin County Probation, PA State Parole, Dauphin County Sheriffs, and Dauphin County Crisis Response Team served a search warrant.

Officers entered the dimly lit building that had loud music playing in the background and announced that they were police.

It was at that moment that a male dropped a handgun onto the floor.  Officers quickly moved in and detained the individual.  Other officers moved through the room detaining everyone and making sure that no other weapons were found or used.

After the building was secured, officers began to identify everyone inside.  The male that dropped the firearm was licensed to carry the firearm.  He was intoxicated and could not explain how his gun made its way to the floor.  The gun was seized by Harrisburg Police and his firearms carry permit was seized by Dauphin County Sheriffs.

Four people were found to have drugs on their person during pat downs for weapons.  They were Justin Bryant, found with 10 baggies of heroin worth $70, Ronald Doziar with $650 worth of marijuana, Turrel Hall with $400 worth of crack, and Brandon Wainwright with $40 worth of marijuana.

A search of the business was conducted once everyone was detained. The search revealed that patrons had dropped or tried to hide $700 worth of cocaine, $800 worth of crack, $700 worth of marijuana, and a stolen 45 caliber handgun which was listed as stolen from a burglary in East Pennsboro, Cumberland County.

The owner of the business, Ulysses Doub will be cited for liquor law violations.

Three individuals were fugitives from justice and were wanted for Capias.  They were Masonia Ramsey, Justin Bryant, and Jon Randle, who was wanted out of Luzerne County for a DUI Capias.

Three people were charged with drug violations.  They were Ronald Doziar was charged with Possession With Intent to deliver Marijuana, Turrel Hall for Possession With Intent to deliver Crack, and Brandon Wainwright for Possession of Marijuana.

An additional 7 people are wanted for summary warrants.

The same after hours club was the scene of a homicide on May 9, 2015.

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